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 About Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation

Established in 2003, Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation has been dedicating itself in promoting architectural aesthetics, aesthetic education, cultural and arts, and social welfare. Through the practice of cultural exhibitions and performances, the unit spares no effort in showing its care for the development between our society and arts based on the integration of aesthetics and attitude to life, building up living spaces of sustainable happiness.

Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation has been proactively fostering Taiwanese artists of younger generation during the recent years. It founds Tsai Yun (Iridescent Clouds) Gallery in 2015 and carries out academic cooperation with Department of Sculpture of National Taiwan University of Arts that it invites youthful artists to host regular exhibitions, in the hope of enhancing the cultivation and development of outstanding talents with creativity, producing innovative sparkles motivated by academic cooperation, and giving new appearance and value of art through the offer of an artistic exchange platform. Besides, in addition to periodically holding normal events such as Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards, Lih Pao Tsai Yun (The Architecture of Happiness) Forum, Cultural and Artistic Submission Competition of Happy Family on Beautiful Island, and public welfare sponsorship, the foundation also stretches its arms to the implementation of academic seminars, lectures, and work collection/portfolio publications. Through artistic activities, displays, and performances, an interactive domain from within is smoothly formed to set up the connection between art and contemporary life. Our foundation expects to promote artistic education, together with artistic campaign while improve life quality and the fulfillment of cultural life.

Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation wishes to present contemporary history in progress, which not only allows exceptional artists to be seen by the general public but also enables the creations with artistic spirit to be remembered by the era based on multiple artistic forms of expression through the cooperation and combination of industry, official and university. We will try to infuse bountiful energy of making arts into Taiwanese society while make the most of corporate social responsibility so as to attain the spirit and purpose of sustainable culture care with a more open-minded heart.